A 2year program to help middle-school children build their self-confidence by developing strong Analytical skills, Structured thinking, Communication and Teamwork.

Course Structure:

  1. 4 Semesters (2 per year): Sep – Dec and Jan- April
  2. Each semester focused on 1 major and 1 minor
  3. Student’s time: 4hrs of classes per week.
    1. 2 one-hour classes in the week
    2. 1 two-hour class on the weekend
  4. 3 half-day workshop sessions per semester: Guest speakers, field trips, games, movies
  5. Show-and-tell at the end of each Semester to school faculty and family members
  6. More focused on encouraging students to speak their mind and the teachers to be listeners
  7. The program focuses less on marks and homework and more on quizzes and interactive discussions.
  8. The topics covered will mostly revolve around topics of importance in the current world.

Selection Criteria

  • Round 1: 10-12 students are nomicated from Grade 7 based on their academic performance, school attendance, participation and proficiency in English language.
  • Round 2: Selection of 5-7 students based on assessment by Ank-Kriti program coordinators on communication & articulation skills.
    • Make a 2-3 min video telling us “What would like to be when you grow up and why”.
      • This should not be more than 3mins
      • You can either use your mobile in selfie mode or ask a friend or family member to shoot the video for you.
    • Write on a page “Who do you admire and why”.
      • Express yourself in roughly 500 words or half a page
      • You can either type it out as word document and submit or handwrite it and submitted a scanned version of the document.

Semester Timelines and Topics:

Contact Details:

Name: Savita Singh and Ritika Jain
Email ID: [email protected]