Scholarships for Girls for pursuing Higher Education

All the girls in the Govt schools come  from an extremely poor background and most of them end up working to support the family at an early age to make ends meet, as house maids or in nearby factories. They also fall prey to early marriages since parents want to do away with an extra one to feed and also give in to social pressures

Once you ask their dreams, there’s a spark in their eyes and a passion in their heart as they tell you they want to become a doctor, an entrepreneur, an IPS officer. These girls need just a little bit of our support to help their dreams shape into reality.

Our aim is to encourage girls to pursue higher education and not fall into the pressures to start contributing to the household income by earning at an early job. The support from the family for boys always takes precedence and girls get side lined. With the girls coming from an extremely poor background, a scholarship goes a long way to gain commitment from the family to support them. It has been heartening to see the progress of some of these girls.

Gayathri  was the first girl from her college who went to an Engineering College.

Gangalakshmi finished her B Com and is now a Business Analyst creating dashboards and visualization at a start-up firm, BSharp Sales Enablers

Sindhu finished her B Com, did a course in Computers and now teaches in her college as a Computer Teacher

Prabhavati is now pursuing her MSc, after a good performance in her BSc.



Reddy PU College