My Little Bit is a philanthropic foundation which believes that everybody can contribute their small parts to make a giant impact to the underprivileged. It starts with one little step of touching one life at a time.

Our emphasis has been on Girl Child as a philosophy, though the initiatives tend to touch a broader spectrum.

These little bits can come in many forms and shapes. It can be your time, your things, your learnings, your money, your ideas! As said by the wise, if you’ve got enough wealth in life, plan to give it back to those who’ll gain the most, which inevitably are the marginalized.

The spirit of giving is an integral part of who we are. It ain’t something you think about after a particular age or once cross a milestone in your bank. Our ancestors flourished with much lesser and lived happier by helping a village flourish instead of just their homes.

However, despite the best intentions, 99% of the population are unable to foster this because, they feel that they don’t have the time. Most importantly, we realize that they are unable to identify goals which are meaningful to their heart, friction- free to adopt and give the confidence of the ultimate impact. You need to be able to envision how, exactly, your money is going to make a difference. And if it’s a goal close to your heart, your passion will be that much more to give.

Why should you care? Simply said, ” From those to whom much is given, much is expected”.

Imagine a world, in which everybody gives their 2% – the little drops will create ripples for empowering generations of girls in the future.

The initiatives are in
five areas

Girls in Workforce

A new initiative “Girls in Workforce”

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Digital Literacy

Setting up Computer Labs focusing on Basics & Programming Skills in Govt Schools

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Scholarships for Girls

For pursuing Higher Ed (Post 12th Grade

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Special Classes

Maths & Science (10th Grade)

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Uniform and Shoes Donation

Collection from Private schools and apartments & distribution to Rural & Remote Govt Schools

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Our journey started in 2010 with an engagement in a Govt School by the sides of the Kaikondrahalli Lake in Bangalore. With a huge amount of energy and commitment coming in from people who not only sustained us in the journey, we also scaled the initiative over the years.

Students trained with skills for jobs
Girls offered job placements
Students impacted with computer skills
Scholarships given to girls for higher education
Set of uniform to more than 40 schools in Karnataka
Books distributed to Govt Schools

Helping others makes us happier — but it also matters how we do it!

Uniform and Shoes Donation

MLB Activity Report 2021- 2022


MLB Activity Report 2020- 2021


MLB Activity Report 2011- 2021


How do we fund these?

We believe in the philosophy that everybody wants to give “a little bit” for a cause which makes a difference and they can feel a part of.

We raise funds from corporates, friends and well- wishers through word of mouth and we keep all our donors connected to the progress on every initiative that they help us support with the smiles they bring to people’s faces.

  • The effort got kickstarted by the sustained contribution from friends at IIT BHU in memory of one of our close friends Damini, who left us very early.
  • We are also grateful to the residents of Ranka Heights, wherein we do an Annual Charity Run to raise funds for the scholarships of Reddy PU College.
  • Colleagues at Microsoft and friends and alumni from XLRI have been generous and thanks for all your faith!

In addition, we have a few generous donors, who’ve made a long time commitment to contribute every year in the spirit of giving
“My Little Bit”.

Sincere thanks to Techin Park, for donating computers for the Computer Labs and also to a lot of friends and corporates for partnering in the journey.

Being kind and charitable is a gift that gives back
– It’s a Helper’s High.