Activities: Charity Runs

As a way towards raising funds for our causes, we try to get the community to help serve the schools in the vicinity. As a CSR initiative for Ranka Heights, an apartment complex in Domlur, we decided to host Charity Runs for raising funds from our residents annually.

Started in 2014, the motto here was “run to give” – very simply put, you contribute a nominal amount for every round of the building, so the more you run, the more you give! It has been a phenomenal success, thanks to the active participation of everybody from the toddlers to the Senior Citizens and pets as well!

Over the years this has evolved into an event which people look forward to with a lot of fanfare, where in we have zumba sessions to pump up the crowd, healthy eating stalls, fitness sessions from our active marathoners and of course, celebrations for all the winners.

The funds from here go towards the scholarship of the Girls in Reddy PU College in 12th Std for Higher Education- who also come here every year as cheerleaders and tally keepers for the run!

With an overwhelming response, we are able to get ~Rs 2L every year from this event and generous donors who feel deeply connected to a cause they can see and feel!
We would be happy to organize these in your apartments or schools to liven up your body, mind and soul.