Our Partners in the Journey

MyLittleBit works under the umbrella of Sanmitra Trust for executing all the initiatives at ground level and financial transactions, including tax exemptions for our donors. Sanmitra Trust, is an NGO registered under section 12AA of Income Tax Act. Sanmitra Trust has been in existence for a decade and focuses on Health, Cerebral Palsy & Education and initiatives for driving initiatives for societal impact. The Trustees of Sanmitra Trust are VV Shantalakshmi, Irina Ghose & Balaji S.

A renowned organization creating a bridge between people and non-governmental organizations involved in services relating to health care and human services. We partner with them for their flagship project “Vastra”. The uniforms, shoes and clothes collected by us are sent to their collection and distribution center. Thereafter these clothes are sorted according to size, gender and purpose and stacked in the foundation’s collection centre. These are then distributed to schools in rural and remote parts of Karnataka.

With their immense reach, we partner with them on setting up the Digital Labs in schools.