Digital Literacy: Computer Labs in Govt Schools

Sitting in the comfort of our homes with every technology available, we seldom realize that there’s a less privileged section of the society, where girls in school get up in the morning, work in a few houses, go to school and come back in the evening and cook for the family. In between that, they try to steal time to do their homework. After their 10th Std, they typically end up as house- maids, work in factories or just get married. The genesis of setting up a Computer Lab in these Govt Schools was the fact if these girls can be provided the skills of the 21st century, they will have an equal opportunity when they step out into the world. We set up the first Computer Lab in Renuka Govt Higher Secondary School, Sarjapura in 2011. What started as a curious beginning, soon became a buzzing place for all the children as they started learning making documents, presentations and exploring the internet as a vista to the world. In 2018, we set up the Computer Lab in Reddy PU College, Domlur.

In 2020, with sponsorship from Blue Prism, we set another lab in Sardar Vallabhabai PU College. Blue Prism also helped us set a lab in Govt PU College in 2022. In 2022, Applied Materials helped us set a new lab in Sardar Vallabhabai High School. We are extremely grateful to Concentrix India for their support to help us in Dharmasagara High School lab in 2023.

Between 2017-2020, we extended our outreach to 3 primary schools  in Domlur and Kasavanahalli, Bengaluru.

To introduce Programming Skills to the schools , with support from Infosys, we got the teachers trained on Scratch Programming skills and the subject teachers introduced to PHET

Over the years, we’ve touched about 20,000+ students with digital literacy skills and set up 6 Computer Labs in Govt Schools and Colleges.

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