2601, 2020

Our Year 7 of Charity Run at Ranka Heights

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This year happened to be our best ever turn- out, incidentally. It was fantastic to see a lot of new faces, beaming and running with cheer and frolic and a turn- out of over 150 people coming over for the run.

810, 2019

Hindi Diwas Celebrations and Scholarships at Vasant Kaya Mahavidyalaya, Varanasi

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For the last one year, we’ve been working together with Vasant Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Varanasi, where my Mom’s journey began as a student to her being a prolific Hindi writer and then flourishing as a teacher. She entered as a student in 1953 and exited as a teacher in 1969.

2509, 2019

Hindi Diwas at Rajkiya Mahila Mahavidyalya, Gulzarbagh

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A message from the Principal,Dr Bidhu Rani: The Deptt.of Hindi at Rajkiya Mahila Mahavidyalya Gulzarbagh observed Hindi Pakhwara on two consecutive days. On the first day we had Nibandh Pratiyogita and it followed by Kavya Paath.

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