2023 Annual Uniforms & Shoes Donation Drive

Happy to share that we completed our 2023 Annual Uniform Donation drive and here’s extending our deepest sense of gratitude to all the 18 schools and apartments for their generous contributions. What started as a small project with one school in 2016 has gathered scale and momentum. Ever since, we’ve been collecting uniforms and shoes from private schools, collaborating with RK Foundation and reaching out to the underprivileged children. It’s a sense of sheer joy seeing the smiles on the faces of children in rural and remote villages, getting a fresh face lift with a full change of gear for the year. Wearing uniforms with a sense of pride when they had none, sports shoes and jackets when they go for games in the village and of course, shoes when they were going barefoot.

Till now, under this initiative, we’ve donated more than 65,000 uniforms & 20,000 shoes to more than 40 schools in Karnataka– Govt School Clusters in Thoralakki, Mudgal, Kolar, Aalahalli, DN Dodli, Rao Gudlu, Hospet, Gidadapaalya, and more. Looking forward to spreading the joy.