Annual Charity Run at Ranka Heights

Celebrating 9 Years of Community Fun Run for a Cause!

When it comes to bringing joy and making a difference, there’s nothing quite like our annual charity run at Ranka Heights. For nearly a decade, we’ve done this event as a way of fun, harmony and purpose.

From the tiniest tots to our cherished senior citizens, every age group comes together to run for a cause close to our hearts. And the results are heartening!

Last year, thanks to your unwavering support, our charity run helped 30 underprivileged girls pursue their dreams in higher education—BA, BCom, BSc. These young women are now on their journey towards brighter futures.

And we continue engaging with them, we mentor these students every step until they land into meaningful jobs!

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey! Let’s keep running towards a brighter tomorrow, together.