Digital Contest at Dharmasagara College

As one says….. the show must go on! Amidst the slow down in almost everything around, incredibly proud of the students of Dharmasagara College in Sarjapura College who went on to increase their Digital quotient. In our Computer Lab we conducted a Power Point contest and was wonderful to see the students come and present on topics including- Covid 19 and beyond, Effect of Social Media and the Impact of Internet. It surely went a few steps forward to get them to first learn the tool and then present in English. As a part of the effort of MyLittleBit Foundation, we’ve been working for the last decade on focusing on the underprivileged section for dribbling skills relevant for today. Hopefully this would be one more step in this direction for these aspiring teenagers! Thanks a lot to our computer teachers Mamatha and Sindhu and their continued dedication and commitment. Finally, it’s Suma’s persistence to keep the energy going through the rough weathers. While there’s miles to go, it’s the spark in the eyes of these students following their dreams that makes it a satisfying journey all through!