Helper’s High: There’s nothing superior to the joy from Giving

Next time you think of gifting yourself or your dear ones something material, something experiential- just one of those times, pause and reach out to us to give to one of these causes. And we promise you that the joy you’d get would be life long and the smiles would be deeper.

Helping others makes us happier — but it also matters how we do it!

Sharing a trivia: In an experiment, a group of toddlers were gifted a pack of cream-crackers and also a chance to give them away to a “puppet” they were introduced to. There were a few trained assistants deputed to watch the reaction of the toddlers. The data revealed that toddlers were pretty happy when they got this pile of crackers for themselves, but they were actually even happier when they got to give some of it away.

And this warm glow of giving persists into adulthood. Remarkably, in every major region of the world, people who gave money to charity were happier than those who did not And this correlation wasn’t trivial. It looked like giving to charity made about the same difference for happiness as having twice as much income.

Being kind and charitable is a gift that gives back- It’s a Helper’s High!