A Day in Govt High School, Thoralakki: Narrating an experience

A Day in Govt High School, Thoralakki: Narrating an experience: As a part of a Uniform and Shoes Donation drive, that we drive every year, we collect clothes and shoes from the schools in Bangalore and distribute these to remote schools in Karnataka. This year, one of the schools which collected these, was very eager that we visit them when they do the distribution.

And what a nice event they had planned to hand over the uniforms not just for their school, but also 4-5 schools around. Kudos to one of the senior school teachers, Nanjandegowda, who in a very enterprising way keeps working tirelessly for the students of all the villages around- he got the # of students doubled in this school in 2 years and now they have 350 kids. This school happened to have a 100% pass percentage and a 100% First Division in the 10th Std this year and are the #1 school in their district. And what a great community around- they had so many of their ex-students who keep coming and chipping in with time and funds for these children.

One of the ex-students who is a teacher in VIBGYOR, funded the food for a month for these children last year before the exams so that the children can come in the morning at 8am and leave late night and just dedicate the time to studies. People from the Gram Panchayat, who are all students from these schools also keep a strong association.

Who would think that the uniforms and shoes that find no place in our house every year and we don’t even know where to dispose can bring smiles to so many faces? Kids wanting to play sports get shoes, teams playing Kabaddi- now got a uniform in which they looked like a “team”, kids felt nice wearing uniforms where they had none and going to school with a purpose!

Here’s thanking a lot of schools and people who are a part of this for Donation drive…We continue with the mission, “One More Year, One More Child”
– With Gopal Swaminathan; Suma Prasad ( thanks for he collection from Elan); Asha Sharma (Thanks for Shishu Griha); Bithi Agrawal (Thanks for The Foundation School)