Breaking the shackles: Jobs for Girls

Breaking the shackles: As the nation reverberates with every heart singing “Maa Tujhe Salaam” on our 75th Independence day, here’s also sharing a moment of immense pride from “MyLittleBit Foundation”, 5 of our girls got jobs!

Dream for the Skies, With a Spark in your Eyes! These girls lived the spirit.

At MyLittleBit Foundation, we’ve supported underprivileged girls with scholarships for higher education. And now, we had 5 girls, who defied the downturns of the pandemic and through their grit and courage, made their ways into finishing their education and got jobs, ushering a new era for their families! They broke stereotypes, dispelled myths and will be the “true role models” for this socio economic strata for girls to pursue jobs by being the first in their families!

Meet our achievers: Gayathri- Web Developer at CloudOnHire, Savitha- Managing Operations at WorkXogo, Geetha- Programmer at BSharp, Jeevitha – Trainee at TCS, Prabhavathy – Counselor in Police Action Wing. And yes, we have a 6th, our Computer Teacher, Sindhu who learned new skills when we went online to skill our girls.

Here’s expressing our gratitude to all the organizations who helped us get these placements.

Also, a request, to all who are looking at fresher graduates to enter the job stream in Bangalore. We are working hard to get our girls job ready with the required skills- do reach out if you have an opportunity!