Scholarships for Reddy PU College Girls

Christmas spirit isn’t just about jingles; it’s about spreading joy and empowerment! At Reddy PU College, our Annual Scholarship event was a jumpstart of dreams taking flight! We were delighted to provide scholarships to 30 brights girls ready to conquer their higher education in BA, BCom, BSc, and BCA.

Huge thanks to the amazing support from Ranka Heights during our 9th Charity Run- this turned dreams into reality. A big shoutout to everyone whose generosity fueled this cause!

The journey for us is beyond the scholarships. It’s about fostering dreams, breaking stereotypes, and kindling the young minds. Our mission at MyLittleBit is simple: to guide, mentor, and uplift them toward their North Star.

And the success stories? From entering IT giants, joining start-ups, serving in Govt. jobs- these girls are rewriting the script! As the saying goes, educate a girl, and you transform a generation. These girls are surely a living proof!