Celebrating ‘National Girl Child Day’: #AtmaNirbharBharati

Celebrating ‘National Girl Child Day’: #AtmaNirbharBharati : At MyLittleBit Foundation, our quest has been towards having underprivileged girls at the bottom of the pyramid to get educated, get industry ready skills and enter jobs. What motivates us is when we see our girls in this journey, start going to Start ups or large Corporates and their sparks getting noticed by their employers. A life is changed and a generation is taken care of!

The passion to make a difference to India is the inner calling for many of us. With the country making a bugle call in becoming #AtmaNirbharBharat, at MyLittleBit, we have launched ourselves towards creating ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharati’s’. To make an inclusive society, celebrating every under privileged girl who breaks ‘their glass ceiling’ and become a contributor to the GDP of India.

A little bit of a background on where we are in our evolution journey in India:

  • Over half the girls are out of education by 10th. The cumulative drop-out rate of girls enrolling in education, starts with 5% at 5th Std, 23% at the 8th Std, 57% at the 10th Std.
  • Just 18% Graduate. The drop-out rate goes to 73% at 12th Std and 82% on Graduation.
  • 18% of GDP, 25% of Labor Force. Indian women contribute only 18% to the country’s GDP, one of the lowest in the world and only 25% of India’s labor force is women.

An intervention here can bring magic. 10% Increase of women @ work will result in $770B of incremental India GDP by 2025, leading to 1.6% annual GDP growth (McKinsey)

It truly creates a society with far reaching impact. Saves Lives with lesser domestic violence and lesser human trafficking. Better Health outcomes for Women and Children. More Wealth for the family. Higher Harmony with better negotiation in the family. But most importantly, because, she’s our daughter, of our nation.

In our Journey so far, we’ve achieved a few milestones-

  1. Digital Literacy: By setting up Computer Labs focusing on Basic & Digital Skills we’ve impacted 5000 students in 5 schools
  2. Special Classes: Special classes for 10th Std Girls for Maths & Science, a batch of 10 girls every year, 50 girls till date.Last 2 years, all 3 toppers in the school were girls.
  3. Scholarships for Girls: For pursuing Higher Education (Post 12th Grade), ~60 Girls funded so far.
  4. Jobs for Girls: Our project ‘Dreams Unlimited’ is geared to create a Bridge to enter the Workforce. An Integrated Skill Development Program for 3 years focusing on Girls in BA, BCom, BSc. We’ve partnered with 5 colleges so far, skilling 350 Girls and placing 15 girls

Let’s make the nation proud with all of us joining hands towards #AtmaNirbharBharati