Awarding Winners of our Annual Computer Contest in 4 Schools

Congratulations to all our winners from 4 different schools in our 4th year Annual Computer contest conducted by MyLittleBit Foundation in association with SanmitraTrustBangalore.

Participating schools
#ReddyPUCollegeDomlur, and

Mamatha and Sindhu, our energetic 2 computer teachers, trained the kids in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Paint, and Scratch programming and this was an energy pack of children displaying their learnings.

Topics covered through presentations are Controlling Plastic Pollution, Clean and hygiene, solar system, etc. So we finally culminated our month-long preparation and evaluation with a whopping 90 children participating with full gusto. We were amazed by the fluency of the children and the super energy put in by students and the staff.

It was yet another awesome event celebrating with all the enthusiastic winners at all 4 schools.

1 student from each school was awarded as Super Kid of the year who showed keen interest in learning Computers be it hardware or software or helping out at the computer lab.

Once again congratulations to all the winners and awardees Avinash, Abhishek, Akshay, and Rohith for being the Supers Kid of the Year 2020. Keep it up. Well done team.